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Casino provides GT with their database via a secured FTP connection. Your database is then matched up against databases that contain over 1 billion email addresses, that have opted-in to receive 3rd party emails.


Customers can opt-in for 3rd party emails utilizing various sources, including online registrations, permission based websites, survey responses, and sometimes everyday purchases where customers select to receive 3rd party emails (i.e. - online magazine subscriptions).


This information is stored in multiple databases that GT has access into. The databases are then used to match up information like an email address to your mailing list. GT has perfected the process so when you get the data back, it is clean, deliverable and hassle free.





Yes it's legal and conforms with CAN-SPAM policies and the process is endorsed by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association).


See more information here. 

As long as your company has had a prior business relationship with the customer, you can legally market to them via email as long as you give them the option to opt-out. GT will take care of the opt-out process before you get the data.

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